Hillsong Conference 2014

2014 is the third year Barrett Evolution have taken on the Wireless Consultancy and marks 20years of Technical Involvement for Paul Barrett with Hillsong Conference in various capacities. New for 2014 was the delivery by Barrett Evolution of a Ruckus Wireless Mesh covering the Overflow marquees in the Forecourt area and IPTV system to relay the Sound and Vision from the main arena for those not able to find a seat inside.

This year we have completely redesigned the radio network, moving to a Digital MOTOTRBO network supplied by Motorola Rentals with over 500 radios and accessories covering the entire Homebush Precinct. The decision to move to digital was driven by a need to reduce radio spectrum use and a desire to improve intelligibility of low-profile accessories in high noise. The transition was a success and has opened the possibility of delivering additional functionality in future years.

Four Ruckus Outdoor ZoneFlex 802.11N Access Points were deployed to link Marquees used for Registration, BreakOuts and OverFlow. Full HD 1080i Video as well as all the registration transactions shared the same wireless mesh network to bring hardware and labour savings to these external venues.

The Week was a wonderful success and we look forward to next years event.