Barrett Evolution Delivers with Telstra 4GX Network

It’s November 2014 and while Radio Mics are harder to use thanks to Telstra firing up in the 700Mhz Band, delivering short-term internet connectivity using mobile broadband just got a whole lot faster. Well, if you are lucky enough to be in the right area. Telstra 4GX, more commonly known as LTE-A has the potential to deliver a massive speed boost as Telstra and other telcos upgrade their networks.  Theoretical speeds could be as much as 450Mbps, but don’t expect to ever see that in reality.

Barrett Evolution has added to our already large inventory of Cat3 4G Modems, with speeds upto 100Mbps, new Cat6 4G Modems capable of 300Mpbs if/when an Australian Telco enables Carrier Aggregation.
These new 4G Kits are complemented by new External Antennas to include the 700Mhz Spectrum and our own tests have shown just adding these antennas reduces latency and adds connection speed even without mounting them remotely.

Over the last couple of months we have rolled out systems for clients including Sense Event Group and Haycom on some very high profile events and product launches. User feedback has been fantastic proving the new kit to be a great investment.

So I can use 4G for Everything now right?

Before we all get too excited, there is still on Service Level Agreement on Mobile Broadband and there is no way to Guarantee what speed will actually be delivered for your event and anyone who says otherwise is stretching the truth.  Techniques like Load Balancing, Bonding and Carrier Diversity can and do reduce risk to an acceptable level for many applications, but nothing beats a Dedicated Cabled or Microwave connection when you need to Guarantee consistent speeds.

In need of Event Internet or Networking? Like more information on what is possible with our new kit? Follow the email link below.