Dante Certification

Dante has grown to be the defacto standard for IP Audio Transport with even ClearCom adding support for the standard recently.

Since Audinate announced their Certification Program a while back I was keen to check it out and see how they approached teaching an industry that is renowned for a lack of IP network skills.

Over the course of a couple of hours, interrupted by my cat sitting on my laptop, I watched the series of instructional videos, and while it is surprising to hear a foreign accent talking about this Australian company I think Audinate have struck a great balance in introducing only as much networking knowledge as it required.  Most importantly, they emphasise that most issues are created by people over-thinking and over-configuring the networking infrastructure.

But aside from the practical how-to aspects, I would really encourage everyone to get onboard, invest the time, and see if we can't all speak the same language as we all increasingly interconnect using IP rather than analogue.  If you have used Dante extensively, you will not find many surprises in Level 1 or 2, but it does remind you of little details, like 2ch devices only support 2 Flows.

Need some help with Dante or other Event Networking, drop me an email paul@barrettevolution.com.au