"Barrett Box" Hits the Streets


In 2016 Barrett Evolution began offering temporary POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) Telephone lines via the Internet in response to many venues no longer offering them (see Post).

This year we up the ante with what our friends at Crowd Convergence have dubbed the "Barrett Box".  Based on the Barix Annuncicom platform, the "Barrett Box" is PoE Powered, G.722 (HD-VoIP) capable and provides a Virtual Phone Extenion with Balanced Line-Level Audio In & Out, eliminating the need for a traditional phone Hybrid.

Initially conceived to provide easy Back-Up Audio or Comms to remote sites for AGMs and other corporate events, they have found a home with Crowd Convergence, assisting with off-site support of their advanced Social and Statistics Systems.
While natively 4wire Balanced Audio, they can be easily interfaced with Traditional 2wire PartyLine systems to fit all budgets.

To learn more about Communications and Networking Solutions contact Paul Barrett, paul@barrettevolution.com.au