Barrett Evolution invests in Internet Bonding

Barrett Evolution is proud to announce we can now offer 100Mbps Bonded Internet in-house to fill the gap between Load-Balanced 4G and Dedicated Microwave or Fixed Line Internet Services for your next event.

We are able to take advantage of upto 6 independent Internet Connections of any kind (ADSL, NBN, 3G, 4G, Microwave etc) and combine them all into a single Fast and more importantly Robust Internet connection. We also have the flexibility to create a 100Mbps Bonded Connection for Critical Data and take advantage of additional bandwidth for less critical data directly to the Internet.

Bonding work exceptionally well when combined with 4G services from Telstra and Optus in order to provide a service that is fast to deploy and far more secure than a single Hotspot Modem.  We recently deployed our system in a semi-rural area with poor 4G and were still able to offer our client 50Mbps.

As with any technology solution, Bonding is not suitable for all situations, contact us to discuss if it will be suitable for your next event.