Event Technology Consultant

With many venues now boasting "High-Speed" Internet, "Delegate Wifi" and other in-house IT facilities Event Organisers can be forgiven for thinking their new "Event App" or Internet Connected Gadget will work perfectly if they tick the box. Sadly, however, the actual experience may be very, very different.

More often than not, Hotels, Conference Centres and other venues have no on-site IT support, relying totally on remote support and the "AV Guy" plugging a Blue Cable into the same hole as last time.
Few venue Event Coordinators have been trained to ask the questions about Wifi, Internet and other Networking + Communications to ensure a successful event leading to many stories on Event Apps and other devices simply not performing well, or at all.

By engaging an Event Technology Consultant to assist with planning, testing and if required, supplementing venue services you can be assured that your Event App, On-Line Demo, Live Stream or any other Event Technology will perform as expected.  Often all that is required is a brief conversation with the App Developer and the Venue IT Support to make a small change that makes a massive difference.

On larger events, your Event Technology Consultant can work with your Technical Director to converge services, reduce duplication and ultimately save you time and money. Audio, Video, Comms, Lighting Control and many other services can share a single robust IP Data Network if properly planned, enabling possibilities never before affordable.

Paul Barrett from Barrett Evolution has provided Event Technology Consulting services to clients including Google, Salesforce, PayPal & Novartis along with Government Departments and numerous Event and Marketing Agencies. To join them email paul@barrettevolution.com.au