Trivia Wifi not so Trivial at Alzheimer's Australia Fundraiser

When you have 90 IPads, to get ready for a night of cloud-hosted Trivia, Auctions and all round fun for a good cause, you better have good Wifi. Fortunately for Alzheimer's Australia they had Haycom looking after them.

Barrett Evolution was engaged to provide an Event Wifi System and 4G Service to supplement the venues existing services. Configuration of the 90 iPads had to be done onsite due to a short lead-time but thanks to a massive combined effort the guests enjoyed a marvelous night and their generosity will help continue the fight against Dementia. You can help too by clicking the link below.

Can't see the Screen? No Problem

Got an awkward room layout and want to ensure your clients can see the presentation? Consider live streaming the presentation to iPads.

While there are a number of Apps to allow iPads to mimic and a PowerPoint or KeyNote presentation, none have the flexibility that a Live Video Stream provides, but beware, without the correct engineering live streaming to event 10 iPads in Full-HD will stretch even the best Wifi.

Haycom and Barrett Evolution worked together to design a system in 2013 for an event on a luxury yacht and it was most recently deployed at the Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel Sydney.

Need a bespoke network solution? Drop us a line.

Barrett Evolution Delivers with Telstra 4GX Network

It’s November 2014 and while Radio Mics are harder to use thanks to Telstra firing up in the 700Mhz Band, delivering short-term internet connectivity using mobile broadband just got a whole lot faster. Well, if you are lucky enough to be in the right area. Telstra 4GX, more commonly known as LTE-A has the potential to deliver a massive speed boost as Telstra and other telcos upgrade their networks.  Theoretical speeds could be as much as 450Mbps, but don’t expect to ever see that in reality.

Barrett Evolution has added to our already large inventory of Cat3 4G Modems, with speeds upto 100Mbps, new Cat6 4G Modems capable of 300Mpbs if/when an Australian Telco enables Carrier Aggregation.
These new 4G Kits are complemented by new External Antennas to include the 700Mhz Spectrum and our own tests have shown just adding these antennas reduces latency and adds connection speed even without mounting them remotely.

Over the last couple of months we have rolled out systems for clients including Sense Event Group and Haycom on some very high profile events and product launches. User feedback has been fantastic proving the new kit to be a great investment.

So I can use 4G for Everything now right?

Before we all get too excited, there is still on Service Level Agreement on Mobile Broadband and there is no way to Guarantee what speed will actually be delivered for your event and anyone who says otherwise is stretching the truth.  Techniques like Load Balancing, Bonding and Carrier Diversity can and do reduce risk to an acceptable level for many applications, but nothing beats a Dedicated Cabled or Microwave connection when you need to Guarantee consistent speeds.

In need of Event Internet or Networking? Like more information on what is possible with our new kit? Follow the email link below.

Barrett Evolution Now BattleHack Partner

Barrett Evolution has joined SendGridTwilioLeapMotion and General Assembly as the newest Partner for the PayPal Global BattleHack competition in Sydney later this month.  The aim of BattleHack is simple, 
“Create an app that helps solve a local problem”.
The catch is you have only 24hrs to do it and your team is battling hundreds of other developers in the same room. The winner from each city gets a cool Axe Trophy and a trip to Silicon Valley for a chance to win $100,000!
Barrett Evolution provided the Network Infrastructure for the event including Enterprise Class WiFi for the 600+ competitor devices and technical support for the entire 36hours of the event, bring on the Caffeine!

Barrett Evolution Welcomes Ruckus 802.11AC

Today Barrett Evolution took delivery of our first 802.11AC WiFi Access Point from Ruckus Wireless. With a throughput of 450 Mbps (2.4GHz) and 1300 Mbps (5GHz), the ZoneFlex R700enables maximum throughput to three-stream capable clients while also improving single and dual-stream device performance. Backward compatible with all existing standards, it can function either as a standalone AP or as part of our centrally-managed Wireless LAN using ZoneDirector.

“ZoneFlex R700 is purpose-built for high-capacity, high performance and
interference-laden environments such as airports, public venues, hotels,
universities and conference centers. The perfect choice for data-intensive
streaming multimedia applications, the ZoneFlex R700 delivers picture
perfect HD-quality IP video while supporting VoIP and data applications
that have stringent quality of service requirements.”

We are looking forward to getting the R700 out of the box and on to your events.

Like a Power Lead Without an Earth

How many times have you connected to “Free”“Guest” or “Delegate” WiFi Internet and noticed you could see other devices trying to “Share” with you?  It might be “Sally’s MacBook”“Sam’s_sick_alienware” or “fileserver_1”, but it could just as easily be “hacker”,“competitor” or “virus-infected-netbook”.  While in reality Hackers and Competitors trying to steal your secrets are not common this last one, the unknowing virus victims, with no or out-of-date anti-virus software are out there.

It is fair to say that people should be responsible for securing their own devices from such threats, but is it also fair for Guests and Delegates to assume that connecting to the supplied WiFi will not leave them open to being hacked by the guy at the next booth?  I think it is, so why is it not standard practice?

The answer is simple, domestic un-managed network hardware simply does not give you this option.  Unfortunately in the Event IT market today there are many suppliers approaching data networks in the same fashion as other AV systems, with a signal-flow approach.  Likely they have had no formal training in IT and do not understand the risk being introduced by using the $50 network switch from Rack Shack and $90 access point they bought online.

after all, it works right?

In many cases it does work, and continues to year after year. But the same could be said for a power lead without an earth…..

As an Event Manager, what do you do?

  • Well first, make Network Connectivity a line item in your budget, just like Sound and Lighting, because it costs money to do it properly.

  • Ask questions of the venue or external supplier to understand what you are getting.  If you need help, ask a Communications professional, it needn’t cost the earth to get some consultancy and make sure all your needs are met.

  • Lastly, don’t accept excuses for a poor experience, it’s not black-magic, you can and should expect your Event Network, Internet, Phones and other IT services to be as smoothly delivered as the projectors and drapes.