Bonded Internet for Events

Bonding is a response to the growing need for fast, reliable Internet connectivity for events that demand the rapid install of a 4G Hotspot with the reliability of a dedicated connection.


What is It?

Think of a 4G HotSpot as a 1 lane road, what happens if you get stuck behind a slow or broken down car?

With Bonded Internet, each 4G Modem (or other Internet connection) acts as a lane on an Expressway, allowing us combine the available speed of each lane, along with the ability to change lanes when problems occur.



We can combine upto 6 separate Internet connections of the same or multiple types and providers.

Combined with suitable Antennas, this allows us to offer a consistant 100Mbps Download speed, even in areas with poor 4G coverage, along with the flexibility to make use of higher speed connections if available.



Our flexible routing architecture and Quality of Service ensures that even if multiple internet connections fail, your show critical applications will continue to operate unaffected.

Bonding can provide an excellent addition to Fixed Wireless and other high-capacity temporary internet services, allowing seamless fail-over in an outage.