SD-WAN for Live Events

Live Events demand fast, reliable connectivity.
Barrett Evolution engineer the deliver un-breakable networks that span continents and bypass inflexible, outdated and unreliable venue Infrastructure.


Multi-WAN Bonding

Multi-WAN VPN Bonding provides your event with a high-quality connection when cables or Fixed Wireless are not available. Data is either sent over ALL available connections, creating a fault tolerant, highly available connection, or the Bandwidth of all connections are combined for maximum speeds.

With our Network Core securely hosted in Equinix SY4 Data Centre we have a fully redundant 1Gbps Internet pipe available 24/7 to terminate connections from our Mobile Multi-WAN Routers.

100% Device Availability

Consistent Quality

We dont design business grade networks, we design Real-Time Networks. Email, web surfing and most business activities can handle some network lag, events are different.
Dante, AES-67, SMPTE-2110, WebStreaming, CCTV, Point-of-Sale, Security, Medical, Voice Communications, the list is growing of Network technologies that require a new standard of networking.

Paul Barrett is a leader in Real-time network design and delivery with hundreds of successful deployments.


Layer 2 + 3 VPN

Our flexible routing architecture and Quality of Service ensures that even if multiple internet connections fail, your show critical applications will continue to operate unaffected.

Got a technology that “can’t” work over the Internet? Want to open Dante-Controller in Singapore and patch Dante devices in India? It’s possible, we’ve made it possible.